Our fold out houses are applicable to remote or residential or commercial areas. And can be used for commercial, business or private establishments that can deliberately cut down the time to construct, the expenditures it could incur, manpower and time of labour.

These houses don’t limit you in any way, and can be planned and designed just like any ordinary house construction procedure undergoes.

Folding bungalow houses  are very convenient to assembled. Can be if needed rather easy frequently moved from one place to the other. Also to other areas of the country. More important - it has large space for mobile living.

All fittings have been all assembled in factory. And finally they can be quickly installed on site once they arrive from shipping at destionation point.

The houses are insulated, fire-retardent. waterproof. cold-, corrosion-, water- & airtight, no coldbridges anywhere. The houses we offer here can be repeatedly folded several times if needed.


This house is an very spacy, movable & foldabable containerHouse. Finally like a real house. The house is available in 2 different lenght and 3 different performances. 

The setup time with 4 workers until it is fully assembled and it is ready to move and live in takes just a few hours...

Delivery will be by container to customers nearest worldport.

MEASURES over all & WHEIGHT of the maxHouse

 type  lenght  width   height  wheight/empty   floor area
20 ft.   5,90m  6,18m  2,50m or 3m    ca, 3.900 kg  ca. 34 sqm
40 ft. 11,70m  6,18m  2,50m or 3m    ca. 6.200 kg  ca. 70 sqm

 3-room layout

      2 room ayout

  how to load and toship the 20 & 40 size MAXHOUSE container

how to expand the MAXHOUSE on site

                        GUIDING PRICES for the "20" size MAXHOUSE                        inclusive shipping to any worldport

 version sample 1-3      4 - 10    11 - 50    51 up
 starter  12.900 USD  11.990 USD  10.800 USD   - 2 %
 premium  24.990 USD  21.800 USD  19.990 USD   - 2 %
 special premium 36.600 USD 32.900 USD  32,580 USD   - 2 %


                       GUIDING PRICES for the "40" size MAXHOUSE                    incl. shipping to any worldport

version     sample 1-3      4 - 10    11 - 50  51 up
 starter     23.900 USD  22.680 USD  22.100 USD  2 %

    43.660 USD 

41.900 USD 41.180 USD - 2 %
special premium      66.700 USD 59.900 USD 56.770 USD  - 2 %


features of the 20 & 40 starter version 

50 mm EPS sandwich panels
standart painted framework
single glass aluminium framed sliding window
standart entry door
Inside & outside white coloured panels
standart electric installations w. sockets & switches
blue or grey coloured standart PVC flooring
light in the middle of the ceiling
painted framework


more features of the premium version 

galvanized steel framework
50 mm PU insulation boards
3 - room partition walls with doors
PVC double hollow glass windows
reinforced PVC flooring
sound- & fireproof entry door
standart kitchenette (w. o. technic)
complete standart bathroom / sanitary room


        additional available                         equippment

75mm phonelic foam board  2-side rain gutter
wooden style flooring tiles  window shutter
real tiles in bathroom  
excl. kitchenette (w/o technic)  


MAXHOUSE starter version with standart grey PVC flooring and wooden tile flooring

                                                            MAXHOUSE STARTER PLUS ready furnished with bathroom, kitchen & 2 bedrooms

                                                                                                   The MAXHOUSE 40



This house got an state-of-the-art performanc which mean it got highest possible quality, best materials to reach this luxury performance as to see here on the images. It is an ideal house to be an comfortable weekend house. Or also for hotel resorts to be used as an accomondation bungalow.

But surely for singles it is good house to live in regularly as well.

It´s available as well in the 20ft. as also in the 40ft. version. In the 20ft. version it got an floor area of 45 sqm, in the 40ft. version it is 91 sqm.

Comparing to the regular MAXHOUSE it got gable roof instead of flatroof. The inner height is from about 3m in the middle down to 2,25m on the outside. The equippment beside the regular MAXHOUSE in the PREMIUM version, this special performance also includes the features from the additional equippment.

The outside performance is different. Buyers can choose between wooden style as to see here on the photos below as well to stone look or plain white. Any design is available. The roof can be made by stone style tiles - and some more design options are available for this.

Due to it´s larger size comparing to the regular MAXHOUSE it doesn´t fit in an standart container which means it has to be shipped as special load by bulk carrier.


This is an ideal version of an house for temporary using. it can be used as office, dormitory house, hunting shelter, refugee home for storage and many other uses, It only takes 15-30 mins to construct on site. One truck can take up to 6 hoses.quickly portable emergency shelter :

This house is made to be moved easily and quickly, and can be transported by ship, train, truck, air transport or helicopter.

The datas of this house here which is the M-Size: External Dimension (L*W*H):5790*4890*2520, Internal Dimension(L*W*H):  5690*4790*2415, Weight:2000kg per unit  

About the construction:  Main frames are made from channel steel and RHS cube. Whole frames are well welded in the factory. All frames are painted Anti-rust paint. External wainscot: 0.3mm steel sheet. insulation filling:  EPS in a thickness of 30mm among steel transverse supports steam blockade: PE foil in a thickness of 80μm waterproof ply wood panel in a thickness of 15mm for dry area PVC floor covering in a thickness of 1.5mm.Permitted loading: 3.50 KN/m², Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0,032 W/mk

Roof ; Roofing is made of 0.35mm color steel sheet, Roofing panel:  50mm EPS sandwich panel, Permitted loading: 1.00 KN/m²,Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0,030 W/m.k,Wall panels are made of 50mm with 10kg density EPS foam sandwich panel. All panels are fixed in factory and hinged with roofing panel. The thickness of steel for panel is 0.35mm outside and 0.35mm for inside, Permitted loading: 0.60 KN/m²,Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0,028 W/m.K Door External door: steel, single fold, filled door with opening dimensions of 850X2000mm, furnished with a cylinder lock with 3 keys. Doorframe is made of galvanized steel, with overall dimensions of 900X2025mm, 50mm thick, made of painted sheet metal as the framework Windows are made of aluminum, white color, with dimensions 900X1100mm, single glass in a thickness of 4mm. Electricals Installation   Standard: according to VDE 100 regulations or CCC standard, UL standard. Voltage: 220/380 V, 50 Hz Network connections: CEE-connection plus/socket, 3-pole 32 A, 220V~, mounted on the top frame in upper corners of shorter side wall Inner distribution system: NyM-J cables of suitable dimensions, flush-mounted Protection: protective current switch (40/4E-0,03A), automatic fuses (B-characteristics) of suitable power (10A, 16A) Earthling: galvanized connector with a steel plate of dimensions 30x80mm welded on the bottom frame 



This house is available as an so called 20ft. and 40ft. sized house as well in the standart/international as well in the standart PLUS/european version. The standart version got as for example 50mm EPS sandwich panels and single glass windows as well standart door and standart bathroom, PVC flooring etc.

The PLUS version got 75 mm fireproof PU sandwich panels as well fireproof entry door, wooden style flooring tiles, partition walls as demanded, luxury bathroom, kitchen etc.

In the 20ft. version it got an final size of 6 X 6,90m which comes up to almost 42 sqm as floor space.

In the 40ft. size it got an final size when unfolded of 6,9m x 12m which comes up to an floorspace after expanding of up to 80 sqm. This house is ideally to use as an regular family house, as office, showroom, kindergarden - and many others.

It comes inside of an container and will be completed on site as ready to use within 3-4 hours.

More informations and exact prices about this house you will find soon in our current temporary website (see adress below) or soon in our new website - or just send your inquiry.

PRICES for the 20ft. version - inclusive shipping cost to any worldport 

            version  sample / single house  2-4 houses       5-10 houses       11-50 houses  51 houses & more
standart / international     35.800 USD   35.100 USD       34.200 USD         32.450 USD        29.990 USD
standart PLUS / european     37.990 USD 36. 200 USD        35.350 USD        33.100 USD          31.300 USD


PRICES for the 40ft. version - inclusive shipping cost to any worldport 

            version  sample / single house   2-4 houses            5-10 houses        11-50 houses      51 houses & more
standart / international         59.700 USD  55.500 USD            49.200 USD         56.750 USD          53.590 USD
standart PLUS / european         64.990 USD  59.200 USD            56.450 USD        51.800 USD          46.700 USD




This kind of house here bases on an worldwide absolute unique patented mobile housing system technique. Due to this technique the houses who are build by this system they can be easily erected by unskilled labors in a very short period of time.

By a simple plug in connection to the local electricity and water supply, our clients can start enjoying the convenience and warm feeling of being home in their new home within 2-3 hours.

The houses can be customized according to clients demand. Different designs are possible. Some example design you can see here below. The price price for the (empty) house itself will run at about 490 USD/sqm. 



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