Rapidly foldable buildings are easy to erect and cost effective to transport and store. Our foldable houses are 100% prefabricated in the factory providing ready to use. 

Due to the folding it is like an flatpack container with same transportation cost. Except they are much easier and faster to build up.

They are quickly to assemble, only needs 15 minutes to finish folding from 4 workers plus crane or fork lift until it´s ready to move in.

Due to their folding they got low storage cost, needs low storage space and is widly used for moving house, temporary accomondation, emergency situations, warehouse, for military and many other uses.

These types of houses here below are the so called "X-House" which bases on the sizes close to an container.

The X-house will be delivered in 4 performance versions like  STARTER,  starterPLUS,  PREMIUM, premiumPLUS  &  the special PREMIUM version. More about these different performances and their prices see more down below.

Regularly we provide the X-house with front entry door. But alternatively we can provide our premium versions as well with side entry doors and different colours as we show here below. 

Example of the X-HOUSE as twin house

premiumPLUS X-House with windows, fireproof door and special durable piano hinges for many folding processes

X-Hoiuse as premiumPLUS in the accomondation version for events with small awning and different colours

Measures of the X-House


Example of inside design of X-House


How to deliver and to construct the X-House on site




The STARTER version comes with EPS Sandwhich panels and better to use in warmer regions. 

The starter PLUS version got an better performance as it got fireproof walls and door and so it also to use in Europe. Preferrable in middle Europe where winter is not that cold. 

The PREMIUM types are the ideal versions for midterm or longterm use as they got all needed features for a comfortable using and living in. It can be used in any regions. 

The special PREMIUM got gableroof design and can even be provided with real wooden tiles as well from outside as also from inside. Standart is wooden PVC decor.


PRICES - inclusive shippingcost to any worldport

  VERSION        sample 1-2                  3 - 12              13 - 60                 61 up
   starter                (standart design)          4.990 USD                4.690 USD             3.990 USD              3.750 USD
   starterPLUS         ( standart design)          5.990 USD                5.390 USD             4.870 USD              4.550 USD
   premium             ( standart design)          6.660 USD                5.990 USD             5.550 USD              4.950 USD
   premiumPLUS      (standart design)          7.990 USD                6.900 USD             6.660 USD              5.920 USD
   specialPREMIUM   (standart version)        10.990 USD                9.990 USD             9.490 USD              8.800 USD



This type here below is the special premium edition with gableroof.

It got wooden style outdoor & indoor claddting which is giving this house an sensational looking and very homely feeling. Any other designs of course are available on demand as well.  

And if you want the feel of real timber, solid timber tiles on walls and floor, timber window frames and other timber interiour features are available on demand as well. In that performance you will have as for example a perfect, still mobile weekendhome. 

The roof comes as a separate piece in 2 parts to be set on top of the walls after folding up. For this we als supply an gutter.  

This version also can be supplied with walls of up to 100m thickness which means, even in very cold regions this house is very well to use. 

If interested in this version, just send us your inquiry with your design & demanded size and we will provide you our offer.





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