The structure of theses houses bases on light gauge steel bars. The construction is designed for an lifespan of 70 - 100 years. It´s the fastest way to construct an aparment house. As for example, an 4 floor, 20 apartment house may take 2-3 month to construct in case everything already is prepared on site so that the construction of the building can start immediatly after delivery from chinese factory.



This is an more simple performed apartment house which is designed with single apartments for living especially for students. But even when it is not an luxury designed house it still fullfills any international demanded construction standarts as not the construction itself but the inside is designed more simple & practical for reaching an most reasonable construction price.



To complete our program we are also offering residential townhouses to very affordable prices made from light steel technologie by an thickness of the walls from 20cm up to 35cm (depending on customers demand). 

These houses can be supplied by either very simple standart design or very exclusive design inclusive following the energy saving house standart.

The size of the house starts from about 80 sqm up to 300 sqm.

The prices for the house without construction on site yet starts from about 600 USD/sqm over about 1.200 USD to up to 2000 USD for an very exclusive version per sqm for an complete house incl. (solar) heatsystem. 

These prices includes construction on site by our worker team but doesn´t include the foundation, cellar plus all the other works which has to be made on site by an local company.

Lifespan of such house is minimum 70 years. The houses will be constructed by the factory according to each countries building construction regulations.  

The factory can follow each single demand which is desired by the architect who has to provide to us the technical plan on which basis we will provide our offer. 

The construction time from the day ot receiving the order until the house is ready to move in may take 3-4 month. If there is a serie of rownhouses to build it may take 2-3 month longer to build the whole unit. 

Here below we show some example photos of houses. Any other designs are welcome.


Family housing area under construction by prefab light steel construction houses




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