These apartment blocks you see here on the pictures are produced by chinese factories who developed this building system meanwhile already many years ago. They are designed for easy assembling on site, fast production, easy to ship 

They are especially designed to provide as well the peoples who has gone throught an nature desaster like an earthquake, hurricane or whatever and which are now homeless because they have lost their home. Also these blocks are used as dormitories for workers, students, refugees and others.

They are available as single or multi level buildings as well by same construction concept also as single houses

In the european version we provide an reinforced steel skeleton and 75 mm fireproof PU wall panels - but can also supply by up tp 100mm panels when using the houses in northern, very colder regions. 

Attention; These prices are guiding prices and may be different at the time of your inquiry due to material & labour cost changes! Exact prices will be given at the time of your demand.

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